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Generation III Excavating is a family owned and operated business in Hamilton, MI that has been serving customers for over 30 years.  We believe that any job worth doing is worth doing right the first time whether it is a $100 or a $200,000 project.  It is our goal to build a relationship with each of our customers and leave a footprint in our community of faith, honesty, and integrity.

A Family Business Based on Family Values


Generation III Excavating was founded by Kraig Meyer in 1990, when Kraig bought the first dozer using money borrowed from a life insurance policy.  The roots of the organization began much earlier as Kraig remembers riding equipment with his grandfather who owned an excavating company in Jamestown, MI.  Kraig first started running dozer at 14 years old for his father in 1971, who was also a self-employed excavator.  Kraig's philosophy from the beginning has been that your feet belong under your kitchen table by 6:00 p.m. and weekends are for your employees to spend time with their families.  Alongside his wife Cindy, Kraig has owned and worked for Generation III Excavating since it's opening. 

Heath began working with his father Kraig during school breaks and learning alongside him through the good times and through the tough projects.  "I remember when I was young all I wanted to do was to be in a piece of equipment and the frustration of the lesson of having to shovel before you can learn to run an excavator.  One just has a bigger bucket."  After school he went on to complete a degree in Natural Resource Management at Grand Valley State University and spent four years working in environmental consulting.  The unique blend of environmental experience coupled with working with his father with more than 40 years experience in excavating has allowed the company to diversify and look at projects from a different perspective than much of the competition when necessary.  In 2020 Heath and his wife Ashley began buying the business from his parents.

As a testament to the Meyer family's long-standing tradition of quality work and dedication to the local community, in 2020 and 2021, Generation III Excavating had the opportunity to work on the beach at Holland State Park, just as Gerrit Meyer Excavating did years prior.  "We wanted to do the job, because of the photos we have on the wall that we have looked at for years", Kraig Meyer noted indicating several images of Gerrit Meyer Excavating working at Holland State Park that hang on the wall in the Generation III Excavating office.  Heath nodded in agreement, "It seemed like a great way to build upon the tradition and legacy we have here".

To learn more about the legacy, traditions, and family values set forth by the Meyer family within Generation III Excavating, be sure to check out the article by Equipment World by clicking here

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